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SoftLINK, a complete software based classroom management system now compatible with Android.

SoftLINK and Android Devices - Top Mobile Learning Environments

Mobile technology continues to be introduced at a steady pace. As administrators successfully integrate the adoption of a mobile learning environment, SoftLINK is the best resource for supporting & managing student Android tablets. SoftLINK provides instructors with the power to remotely connect and communicate with each student's Android tablet.

SoftLINK, a complete software based classroom management system now compatible with Android.

SoftLINK Android Key Features

View Student Android Tablets

The instructor can discreetly view the screen of any connected trainee Android tablet. SoftLINK is flexible in allowing you to view all student screen thumbnails at once or you can zoom in to view a larger image of any selected Android tablet.

SoftLINK, a complete software based classroom management system now compatible with Android.

Share Instructor's Screen

SoftLINK allows the instructor to show their desktop to connected trainee Android tablets. This is a great way to ensure all students follow-along during your presentation and stay on task.

Share Instructor's Screen  - Instructors Show Desktops to Trainee Android Devices - SoftLINK For Android

Launch Websites

Remotely launch a selected website on one, several or all trainee Android tablets. This saves time and guarantees all students are on the appropriate site.

Launch Websites - Remotely Launch Websites on One/All Student Android Tablets - SoftLINK For Android

Teacher Creates Lesson Objective

Teachers may elect to create a lesson objective within SoftLINK which provides students with the details of the current lesson and what is expected of them.

Blank Trainee Screens

Teachers used to flash the lights in the classroom to get the students' attention, but in today's modern classrooms there is a more effective way. SoftLINK gives the instructor the ability to black-out the Android screens. All the Android tablets go dark and attention is directed to the instructor. With the tap of an icon the instructor can return the student's screen back to their local screen. It's that simple.

Blank Trainee Screens - Instructor Ability to black-out Student Android Screens - SoftLINK For Android

Class Surveys

Teachers can conduct on-the-fly surveys to gauge the classes' knowledge and comprehension. The teacher sends the survey question to the students, they respond in real-time, results are tallied for the instructor's review. The instructor can elect to show the results to the whole class, enabling students to receive immediate feedback on their progress. This is a great feature to use to determine if you need to review specific areas of a lesson or if the class has a great understanding of the material.

Class Surveys - Teachers Conduct On-the-fly Class surveys on Student Android Devices  -  SoftLINK For Android

Fast Track Assessment

SoftLINK's built-in Question and Answer mode is a quick way for teachers to reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge student understanding during a lesson. Raise a question to the class, then select students to answer - with these fun selections of 'First to Answer', 'Enter A Question', 'Pot Luck', 'Team First to Answer' or 'Team Enter to Answer'. This is a fun way to engage your students and introduce team building skills.

Fast Track Student Assessment - Built-in Q&A Mode guages learning and understanding -  SoftLINK For Android

Chat with Students

Both the student and the teacher can initiate an online conversation. This is a great way for a student to communicate with an instructor so they can refer back to the chat when needing to reference an assignment or specific instructions for a project.

Chat with Students - Students and teacher can initiate online conversations -  SoftLINK For Android

Broadcast Message to Android Tablets

The instructor can send an important message to one, several or all student Android tablets. Students will receive an audible and visual alert when the message has arrived. This is a fast & easy way of sending out a mass notification to your students.

Broadcast Messages to Android Tablets - Instructor Alert Messages to Students with Cues -  SoftLINK For Android

Students Request Help

Students are sometimes too embarrassed to raise their hand for assistance. With SoftLINK students no longer have to be concerned about needing help. Students can discreetly alert the instructor they need help through SoftLINK's interface. The teacher will receive an alert allowing them to respond to the student's request. As the teacher moves about the classroom they can easily identify a student needs help as a red toolbar appears at the top of the student's device.

Students Request Help - Students Discreetly and Remotely Alert Instructor For Help -  SoftLINK For Android

Quick & Easy Way To Transfer Files Between Android Tablets

SoftLINK includes sophisticated files transfer which is a time-saving tool that helps speed up the flow of work between the teacher and students. This functionality enables the instructor to transfer files between their Android tablet and any or all student Android tablets in a single action.

Transfer Files Between Android Tablets and Instructor Administrative Desktops - SoftLINK For Android

Android Connectivity

SoftLINK gives teachers the power and mobility to easily connect to each student's Android tablet or mobile device. In addition, the teacher can request information from each student at the beginning of class to create a detailed register.

Connecting To Android Tablets

The instructor can browse for students from their desktop or allow students to connect directly to the class from their Android tablet. The SoftLINK student can be setup to start automatically when the device is turned on.

Connectivity Settings

The Information technology department can choose to pre-configure each Android tablet with the required classroom connectivity settings, or 'push' the settings out from the SoftLINK Tutor program.

WiFi & Battery Status

Always know the battery strength of your connected devices and the status of wireless networks with SoftLINK's WiFi/Battery indicator.

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