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SoftLINK For Chromebook - The Top Mobile Learning Environment Now Manages Student Chromebook Devices
SoftLINK Multi-platform Support - 1:1 Initiative Solutions for Student Learning - SoftLInk For Google Chromebook

SoftLINK and Google Chromebooks - 1:1 Initiative Solutions

Has your school district implemented Chromebooks? Do your teachers need a way to monitor their students' screens, block websites, or even show their teacher's screen on the students' Chromebooks?

As schools continue to invest in the latest mobile devices and setup a 1:1 initiative, effective solutions to support these resources are becoming even more critical. SoftLINK, used in conjunction with Chromebooks, helps educational institutions facilitate the effectiveness of their information technology resources while improving the quality of 1:1 instruction.

SoftLINK is the best software for monitoring students' Chromebooks. It delivers the tools instructors need to help maximize the effectiveness of computer-led training. SoftLINK provides teachers with the ability to interact effortlessly with their students individually, as a group, or even as an entire class.

SoftLINK for Chrome OS Key Features:

Show Teacher's Screen

The best way to show the teacher's screen to the class is to broadcast the teacher's screen to the students' Chromebooks. Every student is guaranteed a perfect view regardless of their seat because the instructor's presentation is shown directly on the students' screens! Simply select the 'show' icon to send the teacher's screen to the students' screens. The teacher has the option to show their screen to an individual student, a group, or the entire class. Students love the fact that they can see every detail up-close and directly in front of them.

Share Instructor's Screen  - Instructors Broadcast Desktop to Student Mobile Devices - SoftLINK For Chromebook

History of Students' Chromebook Activity

One of the top questions teachers ask is... "Does SoftLINK keep a history log of my students' Chromebook activity?" The answer is Yes!

Teachers want to know how their students are using their Chromebooks. The SoftLINK Chromebook history log does that and more. Now teachers will know exactly which websites and Google apps their students have opened. SoftLINK's web log records the date and time of not only when a website and app is opened, but when it is closed or inactive as well. If the student has five tabs open and they sequentially click on each one, one after another, the history will show each being opened for a second as they tabbed through.

History of Students' Chromebook Activity  - Instructors can view students chromebook activity - SoftLINK For Chromebook

Block Websites/Internet

Teachers can block unauthorized websites, disable internet access and block FTP access on student Chromebooks to ensure students are utilizing the web for educational purposes only. Instructors can also remotely manage students' web access by launching a website on each student's Chromebook. This saves time and ensures all students are on the same site and ready to learn.

Block Websites/Internet -  Remotely Block Student Internet Access to Unapproved Sites – SoftLINK For Chromebook

Freeze Student's Chromebook Keyboard and Mouse

When an instructor is broadcasting their desktop to the students Chromebooks the mouse and keyboard are automatically locked. However, there may be instances where the teacher needs the students attention and finds that locking their keyboard/mouse is the best way to maintain focus. Once you feel the student is back on track you can then unlock their keyboard and mouse.

Lock Student Keyboards/Mice - Keep Student Focus with Class Peripheral Device Control - SoftLINK For Chromebook

Monitor Student Chromebooks

An instructor can monitor all student Chromebooks using the student thumbnail view within SoftLINK. Easily monitor student screens and detect on-the-fly if students are on task or need assistance.

Monitor Student Chromebooks - Use Student Thumbnails to Detect if Students Need Help - SoftLINK For Chromebook

Conduct Instant Surveys

Easily gauge your students' comprehension by electronically sending a question to the students and receiving the results back in real time.

Conduct Instant Surveys - Gauge Student Comprehension with Real-Time Student Q&A - SoftLINK For Chromebook

Students Request Help

Students can discreetly request assistance from the instructor by selecting the help icon. The help request automatically alerts the instructor to the student's need.

Send Message to Students

Type an attention grabbing message or send a reminder out to the students' Chromebooks. This is an effective way of communicating instantly with your students. For example, near the end of class send a message saying "10 minutes remaining until end of class, please log out."

Send Messages to Students - Instructor Broadcast of  Key Messages/Reminders to Class - SoftLINK For Chromebook

Instructor/Class Chat

Open a discussion box that all or selected students can enter their comments in and that can be viewed by the rest of the class, all while under the instructor's supervision. The Chat feature is ideal for conducting class forums.

Remote Access of Student Chromebooks

Teachers can instruct and assist their students by remotely accessing any of the students' Chromebooks. If the instructor finds a student is not on task, the instructor can elect to lock the student's keyboard and mouse.

Why Choose SoftLINK for Chromebook?

Save Money

There are many ways that training facilities, whether at a K12 or a corporation level, can save money but none quite as easy as utilizing SoftLINK. SoftLINK empowers administrators with the ability to power on or off all training room computers from a single location. The simple act of powering down all of the workstations at the end of the day can lead to significant savings in both administrative time and in energy consumption. Promote additional savings by centrally managing printers on the network. Restrict unauthorized printing or limit print quotas to alleviate the cost of printing materials.

Save Time

For teachers and trainers alike, SoftLINK provides an extensive list of time-saving features. Remotely power on all of the computers in the classroom and launch the appropriate application to provide a classroom environment that is ready to proceed as soon as the students enter the room. Monitor all trainee devices, regardless of operating system, from one user-friendly interface. Additional time savings can be made utilizing SoftLINK's Tech Console. Save your IT staff innumerable hours by allowing them to remotely manage all of the network computers from their desks. Problems can be addressed immediately regardless of location. Use SoftLINK's grouping capabilities to associate computers to their appropriate training rooms to better understand the location of each workstation. Utilize powerful inventorying capabilities and instant real-time status of each computer.

Focused Learning

SoftLINK has been designed with one primary goal, to keep students focused and on task. Many distractions exist in this digital age, but SoftLINK provides the tools to eliminate many of those distractions. Encourage and emphasize effective learning by blocking websites and applications that do not pertain to a class. Lock out computers in back of a classroom to prevent students from gravitating toward the rear of the room. Monitor users' screens and immediately respond to student questions or block inappropriate use of resources.


Create groups and assign group leaders to inspire collaboration between students. This effectively promotes discussions, team work and problem solving skills between classroom peers.

Help the Environment

Many of SoftLINK's features can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of your training environment. Remote power manage allows for computers to be turned off during down hours, reduces energy consumption. Printer management features can provide an immediate environmental impact on paper usage and ink consumption within a classroom. Reduce paper waste further by providing electronic handouts to students rather than physical printouts using SoftLINK's intuitive File Transfers or even pass out or collect homework digitally.

Classroom Safety

Using SoftLINK's features an instructor can be proactive in providing a safe learning environment. Block website that have unsuitable content and monitor students to prevent inappropriate behavior. Designate approved websites and allow students access to only those sites. SoftLINK provides the ability to discretely monitor, in real-time, what students are typing. With both a target word list and inappropriate word list, you can be immediately alerted to on-task words as well as inappropriate word violations. The implementation of these policies provides virtual boundaries that will greatly increase internet safety in the classroom.

Scalable Solution

SoftLINK classroom management software utilizes compression and employs other methods to limit the bandwidth requirements on your network. This provides unparalleled video performance without straining network resources, regardless of the number of connected workstations.

Instant Feedback

SoftLINK provides a means to immediately assess student comprehension. Using the Survey feature, ask a question on the fly and immediately receive feedback from each student along with a distribution of the class results. Use the built-in comprehensive testing package to further test the class's knowledge. During an administered test, see the real-time progress of each student and immediately identify areas of interest that may need additional attention.

SoftLINK Tutorial

SoftLINK is the Best Chromebook Management Software. Watch our video covering the software's features and how it can manage your Chromebook classroom.

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