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Truman College Chemistry Studio Classroom

"Redesigning your Chemistry Laboratories" symposium at the 2008 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (Bloomington, IN) documents the development of an entire class based on the LINK Systems hardware or "Classroom Management System".

The "classroom managment system" is the central technology in the room. It allows the instructor to display live demonstrations, DVDs, or anything on any computer to all computer monitors simultaneously. Therefore, each student has a front seat, and there is no back of the room. Students can write on a SmartBoard, and the writing is displayed simultaneously on all monitors. Computer based laboratory (CBL) equipment allows students to collect and share data from a wide range of instruments (temperature, pressure, mass, pH, conductivity, spectroscopy, and many others).


Instructional Librarians Use the LINK System too!

When someone envisions a computer classroom, they typically don't think of a library. With all of today's innovative and fast paced technologies, many colleges and universities are eagerly equipping their academic library classrooms with computers, laptops, and iPads. Instructional librarians are tasked with learning how to effectively teach in a classroom filled with this new technology. These same librarians are finding that the new classroom technologies, while providing new ways of educating students, also inherently cause distractions for their students as well. They find themselves asking several pertinent questions regarding their new teaching tools.

Dual Monitors Classrooms

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) has been in business for over 40 years and over those years has focused on engineering, selling and installing LINK System computer classroom management solutions. Our extensive clientele includes every branch of the United States military, government entities, corporations, hospitals, banks, airlines, universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools. Throughout the years we have installed the LINK System product line in a wide assortment of classrooms, consisting of classified and non-classified electronic classrooms military classrooms, Classroom XXI, simulation classrooms, language labs, conference rooms, chemistry classrooms, and the list goes on.

Keeping Students Focused

It is difficult for an instructor to maintain classroom order while teaching in a computer classroom - from kindergarten to adult students. The latter, used to independence, can be especially difficult to teach. Distractions of every kind interrupt the learning cycle regardless of the teaching method, subject, or environment. The amount of information that students must absorb in this highly technical world can be overwhelming.

Welcome to the world of Controlling PC Classrooms

Computer labs provide great opportunities for both students and instructors. Unfortunately, with all the students at their own computers, many students can become lost, confused, or distracted without a good way for the teacher to bring them all together. Teachers in control of their PC classrooms can teach more efficiently and effectively to make sure the students learn all they can.

What is Remote Control Computer Management?

Remote control what? This could easily bring to mind a hundred scenarios. But in a classroom management context, you look for ways to control the classroom computers and the surrounding environment.


Composite Link System Classroom Management Hardware
We have Classroom Hardware and Software Solution for any classroom.
Composite LinkSystem
  • Real-time, full motion video
  • Blank all for instant attention
  • Teacher controls any station
  • Share student's screen
  • Control student's mouse
  • Control student's keyboard
  • Dual monitor compatible
SoftLINK is software based classroom management and control center in one package.
SoftLINK is software based complete classroom management solution.
SoftLINK gives instructors a way to control and assist any trainee.
  • Send instructor's screen to one or all student monitors
  • Remotely assist any student with keyboard and mouse control.
  • Instant surveys and comprehensive testing package.
  • Block internet access and applications.
Official GSA Vendor

Applied Computer Systems has proudly been General Services Administration (GSA) certified vendor for 18 years. Schedule GS35F0217M

Applied Computer Systems is GSA Certified

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