• Composite LINKSystem hardware solution for classroom management. Our Computer Classroom Solution is Windows and Mac Compatible
    Secure Computer Classroom Hardware Solution

    Hardware Based Computer Classroom Management

    Easily control each student's monitor, keyboard and mouse right from the instructor's desk. Installing a LINK System in a training room gives trainers unprecedented authority over their students' computers. It will also provide teachers with a better medium to present material to their students with. There is no longer a "bad" seat in the classroom because our system allows for the broadcast of real-time, full-motion video directly to the students' monitors.

    • Keep Trainee's Attention
      Blank Students' Screens and Gain Their Immediate Attention
    • Monitor Trainee's Progress
      View Any Trainee's Work Right From Your Desktop
    • Share Instructor's Screen
      Broadcast Your Presentation to Any or All Trainee Screens
    • Trainee's Can Discreetly Request Help
      Trainees May Electronically Request Help
    • Language Lab Audio
      Listen, Talk, Broadcast Audio, Share Audio
    • Testing and Surveys
      Comprehensive Testing Packages and Instant Surveys
    • Control Trainee's Equipment
      Remotely Control the Trainee's Keyboard and Mouse
    • Supports Single or Multiple Monitors
      Supports Classrooms set-up with Single or Multiple Monitors
  • SoftLink Classroom Management Software is Android and Windows Compatible SoftLink Classroom Management Software is perfect for remote control teaching.
    SoftLINK gives instructors a way to control and assist any trainee on the network.

    Software based classroom management solution

    SoftLINK gives instructors, media specialists, technology coordinators, and corporate trainers a way to control and assist any trainee on the network. At the touch of an icon, instructors can view an individual student or the entire class, share any student's display with everyone, assist a student with a lesson by chatting online and then takeover the student's keyboard mouse and help them through the lesson.

    • Keep Students Attention
      Blank Students' Screens and Gain Their Immediate Attention
    • Continuously Monitor Students
      Monitor Any or All Students' Computer Activity
    • Share Instructor's Screen
      Broadcast Instructor's Screen to the Entire Class
    • Share Student's Screen
      Show & Share Any Student's Desktop to the Class
    • Restrict Student Actions
      Block Internet Access, Websites and Applications
    • Testing and Surveys
      Comprehensive Testing Packages and Instant Surveys
    • Control Audio
      Control Audio - Listen, Talk, Record and Playback
    • Software Driven
      100% Software Driven, Using Existing Network
  • "Thank you for keeping me in on the link as well. We hosted our first session for 2014 last week and everything went smoothly. Our students are all adults working in laboratories around the world, they just loved having the ability to see the instructors screen on their desk next to the one they were working with. Huge benefit over having a projected instructors screen in the front of the room."
    Mr. Hindbaugh
  • "Thank you for doing such a great job for us. The entire process, from the initial specs to the final installation was a breeze for us. And learning how to use the system was easy with just a few minutes with Todd. Our instructors love the new system."
    -Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
  • "The Link systems are still going strong, and if asked, can highly recommend them. However, with our ever decreasing budgets, I doubt we'll be able to upgrade any time in the near future. The big problem with making a good product: They last too darn long!"
    -San Mateo Adult School
  • The system works as advertised. It is perfect for our new classrooms.
    -Mr. Sparks, South Plains College
  • "Instructor loves the program and it works great from my end. I gave your name to our middle school tech coordinator as they are thinking about buying the program."
    -Mr. Garvin, Piedmont High School
  • "HSU continues to be quite pleased with SoftLINK. For what it is worth, it is one four most cost efficient and low-maintenance pieces of software. It works as advertised and comes at a very competitive price. For those things, we are thankful.
    -Hardin Simmons University
  • "ACS has great tech support and quick turn-around time. I'm always able to get a hold of Monica and she gets our product to us quickly. The professors really enjoy the "show" and "share" features in the classes. They also like the private chat for students who don't want to ask a question in front of the class. Testing screen is a winner too. I use the Tech console almost exclusively to update our labs either from my office or by going into a closed lab and running Tech console from a laptop. It makes my job go a lot quicker. I love the mass login feature and the remote commands feature. The inventory feature is invaluable. We have also used the Tech Console to catch 1 hacker! In addition, it saves us power. I can pull up the thumbnail of a lab in the late afternoon, see what machines are idle, and just quickly shut them down. I use the "mass copy" feature all the time. I also like the "screen lock" feature when I'm updating from remote and need to keep people off the machines. I couldn't imagine us getting all of our work orders done without Tech Console. We love SoftLINK. I just deployed 3 new labs, and it was the first piece of software that I told my boss "I must have to get these labs knocked out quickly."
    -Cameron University
  • "Our experience with SoftLINK has been excellent. Thank you for providing us with outstanding service through the years. I will definitely keep SoftLINK in mind should I come across future lab projects."
    -Mr. Koo, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona



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