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    Freeze Keyboard and Mouse
    Comprehensive Testing Package
    Share Students Desktop
    Instant Surveys
    Highlight and Annotation
    Virtual Whiteboard
    Block Internet Access
    Share Student Audio
  • The Best Classroom Management Solution

    Our computer monitoring software solutions for schools and training, is a powerful classroom management solution combining ease of use with amazing features, teachers and instructors love.

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  • It's easy to understand what's going on in your classroom.
    Get a handle on your computer classroom, with our industry leading classroom control software,
    perfect for student monitoring.
    Our classroom management solution let's you take any software
    you are running and share it across the classroom.
    The technology is in the background so the teacher can just teach.
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We offer

industry leading classroom management solutions

in hardware and software solutions and targeted vertical products which range from software-only desktop environments all the way up to high bandwidth and scaled video and audio broadcast network solutions. ACS brings 40 years of classroom management and on-site and online training packages to meet the needs of K-12 schools and universities. Learn More

We simplify the myriad of classroom technology choices and vendor offerings and communicate with practical features that address each school and university classroom requirements. This comfort zone for applied classroom management technology avoids confusion and apprehension and is solidified by 40 years of practical experience. Learn More

ACS has extensive experience building and deploying in customized and complex networked customer classroom computer environments in public sector organizations, military classified classrooms and corporate training facilities. We deliver classroom full motion real-time video with unparalleled video quality, trainee-instructor controlled desktop virtual classrooms and applied specialized vertical training packages that instrument training in fields like linguistics and cryptology. Learn More

ACS, a veteran-started company, are experts in determining the most efficient and cost-effective client approach to training, whether the answer is onsite instructor-led training or live online training both based on our virtual classroom software-based products. ACS is unique in providing clients with professional and personal training sessions designed for beginners all the way up to advanced scientific, military and business users. Learn More

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