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    Our computer monitoring software solutions for schools and training, is a powerful classroom management solution combining ease of use with amazing features, teachers and instructors love.

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  • Computer Classroom Solutions
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    We have a classroom solution for any type of classroom.
    Secure network, hardware or software, we can help!
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    Freeze Keyboard and Mouse
    Comprehensive Testing Package
    Share Students Desktop
    Instant Surveys
    Highlight and Annotation
    Virtual Whiteboard
    Block Internet Access
    Share Student Audio
  • It's easy to understand what's going on in your classroom.
    Get a handle on your computer classroom, with our industry leading classroom control software,
    perfect for student monitoring.
    Our classroom management solution let's you take any software
    you are running and share it across the classroom.
    The technology is in the background so the teacher can just teach.
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As a proven leader and manufacturer of computer classroom management solutions

, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. has more than 40 years of experience in the educational industry. ACS simplifies the myriad of instructional classroom technology choices and vendor offerings by putting their expertise to work for the customer. After fully understanding each teacher's objective, ACS guides them toward the most ideal, cost-effective, and easy-to-use network solution for classroom management for their environment. Our product lines provide computer control and interactive features that address the requirements of schools and universities alike.

ACS realizes schools and universities are continuously updating their computer technology, striving to utilize the latest electronic innovations. Many institutions are also changing their technology philosophy by rapidly introducing BYOD environments with an ultimate goal of 1:1 deployments. ACS will supply you with the best remote classroom management software for any device or platform. Whether it is desktop running Windows, a MacBook running OS X, a Chromebook running Chrome OS, or an iPad running iOS, we have a solution for you! Learn More

Applied Computer Systems, Inc., a veteran-founded company, has decades of experience in the technology training field. ACS provides expert advice to each customer when helping to determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach to effectively manage a computer classroom. Whether trainees are using mobile solutions such as iPads or laptops, or if they are utilizing desktop workstations, ACS is the company with the know-how and expertise to assist you in implementing a solution that will allow you to effectively communicate and interact with your trainees. Our enhanced learning environment solutions will keep trainees focused and on task during instructional sessions.

ACS works hand in hand with Training Managers and IT Directors who are responsible for implementing technology in their corporate training classrooms. We also have extensive knowledge in integrating our class control LINK Systems into military classrooms which use 3D simulation software for training purposes; the Abrams, Bradley, and HIMARS Ground Combat Tactical Trainers just to name a few. Federal and local government agencies utilize the LINK System technology in their classrooms to help increase retention rates and improve test scores.

ACS specializes in integrating our solutions into existing computer classrooms, language labs, and flight simulation training centers. Our hardware is compatible with existing projection equipment, resulting in a flawless merger of the computer technology. ACS's LINK System product line excels beyond any class control software as it does not use network resources to show the instructor's screen onto trainee monitors or to monitor trainees' computer activity from the instructor's desktop. Learn More

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