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Android and Windows Compatible SoftLINK for Android SoftLINK for Chromebook SoftLINK for Windows and Mac SoftLINK, a complete software based classroom management system.
SoftLINK Teacher's Control Panel for monitoring students.
SoftLINK Teacher's Control Panel

SoftLINK - Classroom Computer Control Software

SoftLINK is a software classroom management solution designed specifically for individuals who teach in computer based training environments. Furthermore, SoftLINK is an essential instructional resource and can enhance the training capabilities of ANY computer classroom. SoftLINK empowers instructors with the ability to remotely control or monitor student computers, no matter where they are located. Remote access to each student's monitor, keyboard, and mouse is just a small sampling of SoftLINK's many features. SoftLINK also provides instructors the necessary tools to encourage classroom collaboration, engage students with progressive learning, and test student comprehension. Instructors will find that SoftLINK's exceptional delivery methods, broadcasting content directly to each student's monitor or blanking their screens, will help to keep students on task. Using either technique helps to keep each student focused and will lead to an immediate improvement in student retention rates and test scores.

Whether you are a K-12 teacher, a college instructor, a corporate trainer, or a military training instructor, you will benefit by having SoftLINK in your computer training room. SoftLINK will allow you to deliver more content to your students, efficiently and effectively. If you want to lecture your class, select Blank All; all of the trainee's computer screens are instantly disabled and you now have everyone's undivided attention. If you have a slideshow to present, select Show; the slideshow will be displayed directly on the trainees' monitors. Do your trainees access social media websites during class; manage which websites they can and cannot visit. Even gain a better picture of your classes' comprehension by polling the trainees using the Survey feature. As technology budgets are continually under increasing pressure, SoftLINK enables schools, colleges, and corporations to harness the full potential of their training rooms by utilizing the IT infrastructure already in place.

SoftLINK Observation and Interactive Features

SoftLINK gives an instructor the complete ability to either interactively engage students or demonstrate concepts and keep the attention of students by broadcasting any screen to any other, in real-time. It changes the way an instructor teaches students and opens up new opportunities for learning. Some of the key features of SoftLINK are...

Computer classroom teachers can transmit their screen and view any students screen.Class Control

  • Transmit - Send instructor's screen to one or all student monitors
  • Receive - View any student screens to oversee their progress
  • Blank - Gain your students immediate attention by projecting a black screen to the entire class or selected monitors. This works well at the beginning of class when you are making announcements or providing assignments.
  • Scan - Easily keep an eye on the entire class right from your PC. This provides you with a bird's eye view of your classes' computer activity and eliminates the need for you to weave between the aisles trying to see what your students are actually doing on their computers. Automatically cycle through the student PCs and then zoom-in for a closer view of their computer screen
  • Custom Classroom Layout - Instructor can personalize the student icons representing their specific class roster
  • Audio Management - Automatically enable/disable Audio on student PCs

Classroom management solution allows assistance with keyboard and mouse control.Student Remote Assistance

  • Keyboard and Mouse Freeze - Remotely control any student's keyboard/mouse so you can assist them with an assignment. Go one step further and share this screen with other trainees who are having difficulties with the application so you can help multiple students simultaneously. Freeze your students' keyboards/mice when you want a computer-free teaching moment.
  • Audio - Instructor/Student communicate via headsets
  • Trainee Call - Students can electronically request assistance


Computer classroom teaching allows you to block internet access and applications.Internet and Application Control

  • Block Internet Access and Applications - Block non-educational websites or define approved only websites - with out simple drag and drop feature. Open or close websites on any student PC. View background websites running on all PCs - record all application and internet history. Set instant messenger application from running or view specific messenger applications by allowing the instructor to view the online chatting in real-time. Instructors can quickly see every keystroke made and every word typed and if necessary turn-off the instant messenger application.
  • Internet Co-Browse - As a teacher navigates across a website the student PCs will automatically follow along

Classroom management broadcast instructor's desktop.Broadcast instructor's desktop

  • Show instructor's screen to any student's desktop, a selected group or the whole class. Students can see your presentation on their screen and follow along as your instruct. This feature works better than an overhead projector because you don't have any blurry images and all students have a clear and vibrant image of your lesson right on their screen.

Draw attention to an important detail

  • Bring your presentation to life with our on-screen annotation tool. Emphasize areas of interest with our highlighter. Additional features include arrows, shapes, various line widths and an assortment of colors.

Classroom management show and share a student's desktop.Show and share student's desktop

  • Increase classroom participation by showcasing a student's work with the class by broadcasting a specific student's desktop to the entire class or a specific group. This eliminates everyone standing around one PC to see how a student worked through an application.

Students can lead the class or selected groups

  • Group leader allows an instructor to transfer control to a student and authorize them to lead the class or a selected group of students. This is a great feature for presenting class projects and encourages collaborative learning.

Classroom management listen to a student's audio.Listen to student's audio

  • Focused primarily towards a language lab setting our audio capabilities allow instructor's to listen to any student's audio headset or what they are saying into the microphone, plus you can record and playback the students' audio activities. Instruct students with a one-on-one conversation without interrupting other students or listen to your students pronunciations through your headsets.



Computer Classroom with Instant surveys and comprehensive testing.Surveys and Testing

  • Instant Surveys - Conduct a survey and immediately see if your students understand the material. Instantly see student responses and a class summary. At the click of an icon you can share the results with your class.
  • Comprehensive Testing Package - Our user-friendly interface allows instructors to create tests using text, pictures, audio and video questions. Electronically distribute the tests to the students, see their progress, auto-grade the tests and preview the class results right on your desktop. Design your test with a variety of 8 question styles. Discreetly display a student's test grade to their desktop.

Teacher's Tools

  • Student Register - Save an attendance register
  • Computer Classroom provides a Student Journal.Student Journal - A great resource for creating a study guide for your students. An instructor can paste notes and images to all student journals or a selected group. Students can take notes on the fly, copy and paste material from approved websites and more. All journals are locally stored as PDF files, allowing instructors and students to easily access their notes at a later time. Post the notes on a class website as reference material or allow students to save to their thumb drive.
  • Hand out and Collect Files - Transfer and distribute files from selected computers.
  • Screen Highlighter and Annotation - Arrows, shapes, highlighters, line tools, flashlight tool and more.
  • Group Leader - Nominate a group leader and have certain tutor privileges.
  • Virtual Whiteboard - Allows instructor to draw on their screen just as they would a whiteboard on the wall.
  • Record Lesson - Record your lesson so students can use for future use.

Computer Classroom with Tech Support Console to Remotely Manage PCRemotely Manage Student PCs

  • Power On and Off Computer - Save energy and money by remotely powering off unused computers.
  • Log On and Off Computers - Ensure your class is ready by remotely logging-in all computers and at the end of class you can remotely log-off.

Printer and Device Management

  • Printer Management - Save toner, paper and money by electronically setting perimeters to your printers. Define the number of papers printable per printer, control access and usage per printer. Prevent printers being added, deleted or modified, require teacher authorization prior to printing.
  • Device Management - Eliminate data being copied to or from USB, CDR or DVD devices

Tech Support Console

In addition to our extensive suite of teaching tools SoftLINK also includes all the tools necessary to ensure all computers are managed and maintained so they are always available for teaching. The tech console is a great tool for lab technicians, network managers and the information technology department.

  • View all computers across the school network on your desktop
  • Run a query to determine the software inventory for each PC
  • Create a hardware inventory for a specified computer
  • Distribute files and folders to designated computers
  • Group computers by class or physical location
  • Conduct online tech-support chats with teachers needing assistance
  • View and control services, processes and applications running on any PC

The SoftLINK Assistant app is an extension of the traditional desktop SoftLINK Version 11 tutor application. This app provides you with mobility for teachers or their assistants to monitor the classes' computer activity from their Apple iOS, Android tablet or smartphone. Once the app is installed on you can view student screens, blank student screens, restrict or approve internet websites, freeze student's keyboards/mice, and more. The SoftLINK app is free to download from Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Features supported on Tablets

SoftLINK Computer Classroom companion iPad Application.
  • Support for Android and iPad tablets.
  • View trainee thumbnails.
  • Send trainees a preset message.
  • Block restricted websites.
  • Set approved websites.
  • Block all internet access.
  • Keyboard/Mouse freeze.
  • Logoff student computers.
  • Blank student screens.
  • Restrict student printing.
  • Set approved applications.
  • Block restricted applications.
  • Select a group of students.
  • View current websites.

Features supported on Smartphones

    SoftLINK Computer Classroom iPhone and Android features.
  • Support for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.
  • Send trainees a preset message.
  • Block restricted websites.
  • Set approved websites.
  • Block all internet access.
  • Lock/Unlock student computers.
  • Logoff student computers.
  • Blank student screens.
  • Restrict student printing.
  • Set approved applications.
  • Block restricted applications.

Tablet Compatibility

  • Power On and Off Computer - Save energy and money by remotely powering off unused computers.
  • Log On and Off Computers - Ensure your class is ready by remotely logging-in all computers and at the end of class you can remotely log-off.

Download the App Now

Download the Android SoftLINK Computer Classroom companion. Download the Android SoftLINK Computer Classroom companion. Download the iOS SoftLINK Computer Classroom companion.

SoftLINK Technical Details

  • 100% Software Based System
  • Windows XP, Vista 2008, Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • 65Mb free disk space
  • Supports Dual Monitors
  • iPad, iPhone and Smartphones running Android are Compatible
  • Tech Console -View all computers across the school network, remotely power on and off PCs, remotely log-in and reboot PCs, create hardware and software inventory logs, online tech support chat sessions, broadcast messages to groups or all users in seconds, set school-wide set of internet and application restrictions that are 'always on'.

SoftLINK Components Supplied

  • The 'Tutor console' is the PC used by the Teacher that views/takes over a PC
  • The 'Tech Console' is the PC used by the Technicians or Network Managers to provide Remote Management
  • The 'Student' is the PC that is viewed or taken over
  • Synchronized Multimedia Player for WAV, MOV, AVI, MPG, etc. files
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SoftLINK Resources

SoftLINK Assistant provides you with the mobility and freedom to cruise the classroom and remotely access your students’ computers right from your Android device or smartphone. Remotely access your student computers from anywhere in the classroom.

You may download the SoftLINK brochure for the software specifications or download the SoftLINK User's Manual for more specific information.


  • "Thank you for keeping me in on the link as well. We hosted our first session for 2014 last week and everything went smoothly. Our students are all adults working in laboratories around the world, they just loved having the ability to see the instructors screen on their desk next to the one they were working with. Huge benefit over having a projected instructors screen in the front of the room."
    Mr. Hindbaugh
  • "Thank you for doing such a great job for us. The entire process, from the initial specs to the final installation was a breeze for us. And learning how to use the system was easy with just a few minutes with Todd. Our instructors love the new system."
    -Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
  • "The Link systems are still going strong, and if asked, can highly recommend them. However, with our ever decreasing budgets, I doubt we'll be able to upgrade any time in the near future. The big problem with making a good product: They last too darn long!"
    -San Mateo Adult School
  • The system works as advertised. It is perfect for our new classrooms.
    -Mr. Sparks, South Plains College
  • "Instructor loves the program and it works great from my end. I gave your name to our middle school tech coordinator as they are thinking about buying the program."
    -Mr. Garvin, Piedmont High School
  • "HSU continues to be quite pleased with SoftLINK. For what it is worth, it is one four most cost efficient and low-maintenance pieces of software. It works as advertised and comes at a very competitive price. For those things, we are thankful.
    -Hardin Simmons University
  • "ACS has great tech support and quick turn-around time. I'm always able to get a hold of Monica and she gets our product to us quickly. The professors really enjoy the "show" and "share" features in the classes. They also like the private chat for students who don't want to ask a question in front of the class. Testing screen is a winner too. I use the Tech console almost exclusively to update our labs either from my office or by going into a closed lab and running Tech console from a laptop. It makes my job go a lot quicker. I love the mass login feature and the remote commands feature. The inventory feature is invaluable. We have also used the Tech Console to catch 1 hacker! In addition, it saves us power. I can pull up the thumbnail of a lab in the late afternoon, see what machines are idle, and just quickly shut them down. I use the "mass copy" feature all the time. I also like the "screen lock" feature when I'm updating from remote and need to keep people off the machines. I couldn't imagine us getting all of our work orders done without Tech Console. We love SoftLINK. I just deployed 3 new labs, and it was the first piece of software that I told my boss "I must have to get these labs knocked out quickly."
    -Cameron University
  • "Our experience with SoftLINK has been excellent. Thank you for providing us with outstanding service through the years. I will definitely keep SoftLINK in mind should I come across future lab projects."
    -Mr. Koo, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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