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About Us

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) was founded in 1971, by Electrical Engineer Donald D. Lacy and is classified as a private, veteran owned, small business. The company is located fifty miles north east of Columbus, Ohio. ACS is a veteran leader in the video and audio networking industry and manufactures video and audio switching and networking equipment.

In 1983, ACS designed, patented, and manufactured the LINK Video Network. The company markets directly to the end user and has participated extensively as a sub contractor in the government/military arena. The LINK System has become extremely popular with instructors and teachers throughout the education, commercial, government and military environments.

Each generation of LINK System is the result of feedback from computer instructors just like you. Two important requirements underlie every LINK System purchased: provide each instructor with total control of every student computer station and keep the operation simple. As a result of this fundamental consideration, instructors using our systems continually tell us they experience a 20-35% increase in classroom efficiency. This is why a LINK System pays for itself in such a short period of time.

We sell direct. There is no middleman involved to mark up the price. You deal directly with people who understand classroom technologies, the needs of instructors, and the LINK Video System. You can request a literature packet describing the LINK System in great detail. Our knowledgeable sales staff will discuss with you which systems best meet your needs.

ACS qualifies (small business, veteran owned) to participate in the Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 19.502-2 Total Set-Asides program. Any purchase of supplies or services using any type of Federal Funding that has an anticipated dollar value exceeding $2,500, but not over $100,000 is reserved exclusively for small business. We accept the I.M.P.A.C. government VISA card, along with MasterCard and VISA cards.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to provide our clients with practical solutions to specific training problems.

We practice this philosophy by manufacturing and directly marketing high quality video and audio networking systems under the LINK Systems patent design. Our goal in this endeavor is to dramatically improve the quality of education resulting from computer based training environments.

Composite Link System Classroom Management Hardware
We have Classroom Hardware and Software Solution for any classroom.
Composite LinkSystem
  • Real-time, full motion video
  • Blank all for instant attention
  • Teacher controls any station
  • Share student's screen
  • Control student's mouse
  • Control student's keyboard
  • Dual monitor compatible
Link Composite System Hardware Classroom Management
The Composite Link System for any computer classroom.
LINK Projection System Console for Managing Your Classroom
  • Real-time, full motion video
  • Blank all for instant attention
  • Instructor image transmitted to student
  • Auxiliary Input to send document camera image to students or projector.
Official GSA Vendor

Applied Computer Systems has proudly been General Services Administration (GSA) certified vendor for 18 years. Schedule GS35F0217M

Applied Computer Systems is GSA Certified

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