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Customized Live Online Training Programs

LINK Systems Computer Classroom Training Programs
ACS Training is perfect for beginners through experts.

Live Online Training

Develop your knowledge of SoftLINK by attending a live online training session targeted specifically for your training requirements. We offer training sessions in hourly sessions ranging from one to 3 hours depending on your needs. Our online session is suitable for up to five online attendees. Contact your SoftLINK representative for additional details.

Contact us today and we can discuss your training needs. Or email a SoftLINK representative for additional details.

Personalized Onsite Training

Do you prefer onsite instructor-led training? Our highly qualified SoftLINK trainers travel throughout the United States training teachers, corporate trainers, military personnel and lab technicians on the various ways to maximize SoftLINKs potential for their specific training classes.

Contact us today and we can discuss your training needs. Or email a SoftLINK representative for additional details.

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) offers professional training sessions designed for beginners to the advanced user. We provide you with the choice of live online training sessions or, if you prefer a more personalized training session, we can train at your facility. Our training sessions are informative for both the trainer and the information technology department. Our training programs are designed to leave you with a knowledgeable understanding so you can effectively utilize the many aspects of SoftLINK not only from a teacher's viewpoint but also a technicians prospective.

On Training

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. on demand training videos are fully narrated and designed to help instructors and technicians learn more about our computer management products. Our goal at ACS is to provide our clients with quality online training tutorials to get the most from their investment.

No matter where you are or what time of day it is you can access these on-demand training tutorials online 24/7. These comprehensive step-by-step training videos allow teachers to learn at their own convenience. Subscribe to Applied Computer Systems, Inc. YouTube Channel and automatically receive the newest training videos.

ACS values their clients and sincerely appreciates their input. If you are searching for a specific training video from our computer management product line and can't find it here, simply send an email to and an ACS representative will contact you to learn more about your request.

Composite Link System Classroom Management Hardware
We have Classroom Hardware and Software Solution for any classroom.
Composite LinkSystem
  • Real-time, full motion video
  • Blank all for instant attention
  • Teacher controls any station
  • Share student's screen
  • Control student's mouse
  • Control student's keyboard
  • Dual monitor compatible
ScreenWatch™ is software based classroom management.
ScreenWatch™ classroom management helps monitor student activity.
ScreenWatch™ lets a teacher gain control of any client's PCs on the network.
  • Easily keep an eye on your classes' computer activity
  • Blank their screens and gain their immediate attention
  • Remotely log-on/off or shutdown PCs and save energy costs
  • Block internet access and applications
Official GSA Vendor

Applied Computer Systems has proudly been General Services Administration (GSA) certified vendor for 18 years. Schedule GS35F0217M

Applied Computer Systems is GSA Certified

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