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SoftLINK Free Trial Download.

Free SoftLINK Trial Download

Complete the form below to receive your 30-day SoftLINK demo with installation/operation instructions and video tutorials. Please feel free to contact Applied Computer Systems, Inc. if you have any questions or need assistance. In addition, ACS, Inc. offers a "live" online SoftLINK presentation. If you would be interesting in attending an online presentation, simply let us know in the comment section of the form.

SoftLINK Tutorial

SoftLINK is the Best Chromebook Management Software. Watch our video covering the software's features and how it can manage your Chromebook classroom.

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SoftLINK Assistant provides you with the mobility and freedom to cruise the classroom and remotely access your students’ computers right from your Android device or smartphone. Remotely access your student computers from anywhere in the classroom.

You may download the SoftLINK brochure for the software specifications or download the SoftLINK User's Manual for more specific information.

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