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Windows and Mac Compatible Hybrid LINKSystem Student Computer Control

What is a Hybrid LINK Systems?

The Hybrid LINK System allows instructors to fully control the computers in their labs. As with all of the LINK System line of products, operation is done with ease using a touch screen interface. The Hybrid LINK System is an ancestor to the Composite LINK System, sharing many of the same features but designed around a daisy-chain cable topology. If you currently own a Hybrid LINK System, call and ask us how you can upgrade it to a Composite LINK System.

How will a Hybrid LINK System help me?

  • Send real-time, full-motion video directly to student monitors
  • Turn off students' monitors with the Blank All feature
  • Observe and/or control any trainee station directly at the instructor's desk
  • Operating system independent

Hybrid LINKSystem Observation and Interactive Features

Hybrid LINKSystem gives an instructor the complete ability to either interactively engage students or demonstrate concepts and keep the attention of students by broadcasting any screen to any other, in real-time. It changes the way an instructor teaches students and opens up new opportunities for learning. Some of the key features of the Hybrid LINKSystem are...

  • Supports Rich Media applications in real-time transmission - no delay and doesn't not use your server resources
  • Transmit - Instructor image transmitted to student monitors
  • Blank - Black out student screens gain their immediate attention
  • Receive - View student's image on instructor's monitor
  • Receive/Transmit - Instructor views a student image and sends it to other student monitors
  • Scan - Instructor views each student image sequentially at variable selected rates
  • K/M Control - Instructor controls any student's keyboard/mouse
  • K/M Freeze - Instructor freezes any student's keyboard/mouse
  • Projector Control - Instructor's Image to projector
  • Testing/Surveys - Find out what your students don't know by administering a instant survey, or pull questions from our library for testing, immediately see each student's test results
  • Student to Projector - Instructor can send any student's screen to the projector
  • Auxiliary Input - Send a Laptop or document camera image to students or projector
  • Audio - Instructor/Student communicate via headsets
  • Student Interaction - Student controls instructor computer (with Instr. permission)
  • Trainee Call - Students can electronically request assistance
  • Custom Classroom Layout - Instructor can personalize the student icons representing their specific class roster
  • Screen Highlighter/Annotation Tool - Arrows, shapes, highlighters, line tools, flashlight tool and more.

Hybrid LINKSystems Technical Details

  • 100% Hardware Based System
  • Windows XP, Vista 2008, Windows 7 and 8
  • Supports Dual Monitors
  • When purchasing a Hybrid LINK System, you have a choice of installation procedures. ACS will install it for you, for an additional fee, or you can install it yourself. If you elect ACS installation, a trained ACS technician will come to your site, install the LINK System and train your personnel on operation and maintenance.

Applied Computer Systems Hardware

The LINK System line of products is the ideal computer classroom management solution. The LINK System is widely used in educational, commercial, and military electronic classrooms. The patented hardware-based video networking solution is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high resolution video anywhere in a computer classroom. The system is an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of training environments. Whether you are teaching individuals word processing or are training them how to fly with advanced flight simulators, the real-time response of the LINK System is second to none.

The primary goal of the LINK System has always been to make teaching easier while delivering the lesson content directly to each student's screen. The LINK System allows an instructor to interact with each individual in the classroom separately or with the class as a whole. The system is controlled by an intuitive software interface displayed on a touch screen that mimics the physical layout of the classroom, this system puts many powerful features at an instructor's fingertips. The intuitive interface allows an instructor to easily monitor any PC, broadcast to any PC, control any keyboard and mouse, or execute any of a long list of commands the LINK System is capable of doing.

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. prides itself on every LINK System that is shipped out the door. Each system is designed, assembled, and thoroughly tested to the customer's exact configuration. As always, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing you the best quality hardware, software, and support available in the industry.

Do you currently use a LINK System but feel that it is missing a key feature that you just can't live without? Please contact us and tell us your suggestion. We love to receive feedback from our customers. In fact, many of the features that PC instructors have come to know and love have been incorporated into the LINK System because of requests made by those same dedicated instructors.

Please, don't take our word for it, see what our customers say about our LINK System product line.

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Hybrid System Resources

A Cutting-edge daisy-chain cable based classroom management system.

You may download the Hybrid LinkSystems brochure for the software specifications or download the Hybrid LinkSystems User's Manual for more specific information.

Official GSA Vendor

Applied Computer Systems has proudly been General Services Administration (GSA) certified vendor for 18 years. Schedule GS35F0217M

Applied Computer Systems is GSA Certified


  • "Thank you for keeping me in on the link as well. We hosted our first session for 2014 last week and everything went smoothly. Our students are all adults working in laboratories around the world, they just loved having the ability to see the instructors screen on their desk next to the one they were working with. Huge benefit over having a projected instructors screen in the front of the room."
    Mr. Hindbaugh
  • "Thank you for doing such a great job for us. The entire process, from the initial specs to the final installation was a breeze for us. And learning how to use the system was easy with just a few minutes with Todd. Our instructors love the new system."
    -Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
  • "The Link systems are still going strong, and if asked, can highly recommend them. However, with our ever decreasing budgets, I doubt we'll be able to upgrade any time in the near future. The big problem with making a good product: They last too darn long!"
    -San Mateo Adult School
  • The system works as advertised. It is perfect for our new classrooms.
    -Mr. Sparks, South Plains College
  • "Instructor loves the program and it works great from my end. I gave your name to our middle school tech coordinator as they are thinking about buying the program."
    -Mr. Garvin, Piedmont High School
  • "HSU continues to be quite pleased with SoftLINK. For what it is worth, it is one four most cost efficient and low-maintenance pieces of software. It works as advertised and comes at a very competitive price. For those things, we are thankful.
    -Hardin Simmons University
  • "ACS has great tech support and quick turn-around time. I'm always able to get a hold of Monica and she gets our product to us quickly. The professors really enjoy the "show" and "share" features in the classes. They also like the private chat for students who don't want to ask a question in front of the class. Testing screen is a winner too. I use the Tech console almost exclusively to update our labs either from my office or by going into a closed lab and running Tech console from a laptop. It makes my job go a lot quicker. I love the mass login feature and the remote commands feature. The inventory feature is invaluable. We have also used the Tech Console to catch 1 hacker! In addition, it saves us power. I can pull up the thumbnail of a lab in the late afternoon, see what machines are idle, and just quickly shut them down. I use the "mass copy" feature all the time. I also like the "screen lock" feature when I'm updating from remote and need to keep people off the machines. I couldn't imagine us getting all of our work orders done without Tech Console. We love SoftLINK. I just deployed 3 new labs, and it was the first piece of software that I told my boss "I must have to get these labs knocked out quickly."
    -Cameron University
  • "Our experience with SoftLINK has been excellent. Thank you for providing us with outstanding service through the years. I will definitely keep SoftLINK in mind should I come across future lab projects."
    -Mr. Koo, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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