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Applied Computer Systems, Inc.

ACS was founded in 1971, by Electrical Engineer Donald D. Lacy and is classified as a private, veteran owned, small business. The company is located fifty miles north east of Columbus, Ohio. ACS is a veteran leader in the video and audio networking industry and manufactures video and audio switching and networking equipment.

The LINK Video Network

In 1983, ACS designed, patented, and manufactured the LINK Video Network. The company markets directly to the end user and has participated extensively as a sub contractor in the government/military arena. The LINK System has become extremely popular with instructors and teachers throughout the education, commercial, government and military environments.

LINK System Is Developed From Customer Feedback

Each generation of LINK System is the result of feedback from computer instructors just like you. Two important requirements underlie every LINK System purchased:

  • provide each instructor with total control of every student computer station
  • and keep the operation simple

As a result of this fundamental consideration, instructors using our systems continually tell us they experience a 20-35% increase in classroom efficiency. This is why a LINK System pays for itself in such a short period of time.

No Middle Men

We sell direct. There is no middleman involved to mark up the price. You deal directly with people who understand classroom technologies, the needs of instructors, and the LINK Video System. You can request a literature packet describing the LINK System in great detail. Our knowledgeable sales staff will discuss with you which systems best meet your needs.

Small Veteran Owned Business

ACS qualifies (small business, veteran owned) to participate in the Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 19.502-2 Total Set-Asides program. Any purchase of supplies or services using any type of Federal Funding that has an anticipated dollar value exceeding $2,500, but not over $100,000 is reserved exclusively for small business. We accept the I.M.P.A.C. government VISA card, along with MasterCard and VISA cards.


Our Milestones

  • 1971 Sep
    Sept 24, 1971 Founded

    ACS was founded by veteran, Electrical Engineer Donald D. Lacy.

  • 1983 Aug
    First LINK System designed and sold

    The elite, hardware-based, classroom management LINK System is released allowing absolute computer classroom environment.

  • 1987 Jul
    Patent #4,682,164 was issued

    The invention provides a master unit equipment to receive from any of the slave units and send these same signals to the remaining slave units.

  • 1998 Oct
    SoftLINK Released

    One of the most popular classroom management software packages ever released.

  • 2000 Oct
    Doubled ACS Office Space

    Constructed second office building doubling Applied Computer Systems, Inc. space to over 10,000 sq ft.

  • 2001 Aug
    GSA # awarded

    The General Services Administration assigned our number qualifying ACS as a trusted contractor.

  • 2007 Apr
    Patent #7,233,690 issued

    The invention relates to fraud detection for check cashing.

  • 2009 Apr
    Patent #7,516,180 issued

    The invention relates to a system providing instructor services using computing systems connected over a communication network.

  • 2013 Jul
    Received Certificate of Networthiness

    SoftLINK awarded Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) by NETCOM (U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command)

  • 2018 Feb
    Received Certificate of Networthiness

    SoftLINK Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) renewed by NETCOM (U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command)

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