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Selecting The Perfect Classroom Solution

Providing instructors with tools to easily monitor and interact with students through devices and computers accelerates learning while providing for a safe learning digital environment. We offer educators a variety of instructional and management tools for any classroom whether you are a university, college, or a primary, private or secondary school.

Any Classroom Any Device

ACS realizes schools and universities are continuously updating their computer technology, striving to utilize the latest electronic innovations. Many institutions are also changing their technology philosophy by rapidly introducing BYOD environments with an ultimate goal of 1:1 deployments. ACS will supply you with the best remote classroom management software for any classroom and any device. Whether it is desktop running Windows, a MacBook running OS X, a Chromebook running Chrome OS, or an iPad running iOS, we have a solution for you!

Classroom Management Solutions

Imagine having a dynamic classroom management system that is easy to use and lets you focus on teaching instead of worrying about the technology behind it. Unlike other classroom management solutions, Applied Computer Systems provides exceptional customer service coupled with flexible, high-value solutions that are intuitive and adopted by brands consumers trust.

Training and Learning management

SoftLINK, is a software system that helps learners to stay focused. A trainer can quickly make adjustments with their presentation by monitoring learners' progress on their computer screens and by receiving instant feedback.

Monitor Student Computers

ScreenWatch™ offers a quick and easy way for administrators or teachers to gain control of any client's PCs on the network and immediately see any student's computer activity right on the instructor's monitor.

Hardware Broadcast & Monitoring Solution

The Composite LINK System is a classroom management hardware solution used in educational, commercial, and military applications. The patented hardware-based video networking solution is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high resolution video anywhere in a computer classroom and can be run on a secure network without internet access.

Screen Sharing Solution

The LINK System is a computer display and broadcast hardware system widely used in educational, commercial, and military electronic classrooms. The patented hardware-based video networking solution is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high resolution video anywhere in a computer classroom.

IT Asset Management and Mass Messaging

Imagine having a dynamic information technology system with easy remote device access, instant mass emergency notifications and asset management for all devices that's a snap to get setup and running. Applied Computer Systems lets you focus on doing your job, instead of worrying about the complexity of splicing together several different applications from different manufacturers to get the functionality you need and we are ready to provide exceptional customer service whenever you need it.

Desktop Alerts and Messaging

Need to quickly notify some or all of your users from your computer or phone? Notify is the simple, low-cost one-way messaging and alerting tool that enables an administrator to communicate instantly with desktop users across any size or type of organization.

Remote Computer Management

Manager offers IT administrators the convenience of remotely accessing network computers and devices to respond to, manage and support users, from any device without any of the ongoing subscription costs of a managed services provider.

Device Asset Management

DNA provides a complete suite of tools for managing, tracking and supporting IT assets across the network and contains a wealth of features designed to make IT asset management and tracking easier.

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