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Let's face it... today's workforce is mobile and always on-the-go, making it even more challenging for corporate training professionals to do their jobs. Companies must invest in their employees; they must provide them with professional development through corporate education and training. The knowledge each employee gains will help them contribute to their business' development and growth.

Regardless of the training environment, in-person or remote learning, our intuitive software has the flexibility to work in any setting.

One of our proven training solutions is SoftLINK. SoftLINK provides a variety of tools for collaborative instruction, assessment, and group working. It also allows facilitators to guide and present directly to trainees' devices. SoftLINK also offers tools to allow trainees to interact, question, and assess any information presented. SoftLINK's features allow for direct engagement of trainees, leading to increased comprehension and elevated retention rates. Generally, less time is required per training session, helping to reduce overall training costs.

SoftLINK's Corporate Training Features Include:

  • Optimized for wireless connections enabling easy support for laptop users.
  • Allow roaming trainees to manually join a training session.
  • Interactive virtual whiteboard with support for interaction and collaboration.
  • Group Leader mode: allowing break-out groups or individuals to be assigned instruction tools.
  • Multi-connection support allows multiple instructors so connect to the same trainees simultaneously.
  • Automatic creation and delivery of a Replay (video) to each trainee's PC after a presentation for post-lesson review.
  • Automatic distribution and collection of coursework to/from trainees' computers.
  • Real-time surveys and testing.
  • Multi-user/group collaborative chat.
  • Control of USB memory sticks to allow access to content while protecting computers.
  • Show the entire instructor's desktop to any or all students.
  • Record instructor's screen and playback recording to the class.
  • Exhibit or share a student screen to the rest of the class.
  • Annotate (highlight, label, pointers, etc) the screen to emphasize key points to the class.

Experienced Classroom Design

We have extensive experience in a wide range of classrooms designs including simulation classrooms, language labs, conference rooms, chemistry classrooms, and many more. Below are examples of just a few solutions we have helped put together.


More than ever, research shows how employees fail at their new jobs because of a poor culture fit. The longer it takes an employee to become accustomed to the norms of the organization, the longer it takes the company to see their return on investment. Employee onboarding is a strategic opportunity for organizations to increase retention and employee engagement. Research also shows that effective onboarding can have a significant positive affect on long term employee satisfaction and employee loyalty and commitment. In addition, this leads to growth, higher levels of trust, an ability to attract top producers and talent in your industry, and encourages open and effective communication. Less turnover and reduced learning curves and understanding of new positions mean positive results for you.

The statistics can be alarming. According to Gallup, one study showed that only 33% of employees in the US actually feel as if they're engaged at work. Additional research shows that lack of effective onboarding and impact the ability to establish productive working relationships and connection to peers.

One way new employees can be addressed is through computer classroom training where instructors can develop tailored content and quizzes and view the computer screen for each new employee. Instructors can view each individual's progress from the instructor's computer and ask questions of each employee to accelerate learning through an engaged learning environment. This saves you time, costly resources, and loss of productivity and advancement.

RedRoof Inn
The World Bank
Southern Company

Sales Force Training

Today's sales force is mobile and always on-the-go, making it even more challenging for training professionals to do their job. It's no wonder the biggest sales training challenge is coordinating schedules for in-person training. SoftLINK's classroom management software helps to address this challenge. Whether the sales force is in a physical training environment or on the road, sales training professionals can view the sales forces' computer or device screens and access IT administrative tools that facilitate and accelerate learning.

It's no secret that good training establishes an understanding of the needs of your customers and prospective customers. A sales team that is well trained is more confident, will produce better results, and will be more likely to develop a long term career with your organization.

The General
Boston Duck Tours
JC Penney

Medical/CME Training

With the ever changing healthcare environment and heavy demands on today's healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are bombarded daily with new information, and lack of new knowledge could potentially put a patient's safety at risk. The bottom line - it is imperative for medical professionals to stay current on new knowledge in order to improve decision making for an optimal patient outcome. In addition, those working in the medical profession are overworked and burnt out, making it even harder to earn CMEs and stay current on new medical knowledge and physically attending in-person training. SoftLINK classroom management software helps to address these challenges. Live medical training can be delivered via distance learning through any computers or device, making it easier for healthcare workers to stay current on medical knowledge.

What does all this mean for you? Applied Computer Systems corporate training solutions allow for instructor-led training that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. Our secure systems allow you to manage technology and its users across any network. Whether trainees are in a physical training environment or distributed around the globe, instructors can view trainee computer or device screens and access IT administrative tools that facilitate and reinforce learning.

And, unlike other training solutions tools, Applied Computer Systems provides exceptional customer service coupled with flexible, high-value solutions that are intuitive and adopted by brands consumers trust.

Plus, the ACS ServiceDesk can be accessed through a web browser by any user from their desktop or mobile device and allows for the customization of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, it can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your training organization.

Cleveland Clinic
Johns Hopkins University
Seattle Children's Hospital
Premier Health Partners
St Joseph Regional Medical Center

Corporate Training Solutions

ACS works hand in hand with Training Managers and IT Directors who are responsible for implementing technology in their corporate training classrooms.

Training and Learning management

SoftLINK, is a software system that helps learners to stay focused. A trainer can quickly make adjustments with their presentation by monitoring learners' progress on their computer screens and by receiving instant feedback.

Remote Computer Management

Manager offers IT administrators the convenience of remotely accessing network computers and devices to respond to, manage and support users, from any device without any of the ongoing subscription costs of a managed services provider.

Hardware Broadcast & Monitoring Solution

The Composite LINK System is a classroom management hardware solution used in educational, commercial, and military applications. The patented hardware-based video networking solution is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high resolution video anywhere in a computer classroom and can be run on a secure network without internet access.

Screen Sharing Solution

The LINK System is a computer display and broadcast hardware system widely used in educational, commercial, and military electronic classrooms. The patented hardware-based video networking solution is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high resolution video anywhere in a computer classroom.

IT Asset Management and Emergency Messaging

Let your IT Department focus on their job, instead of worrying about the complexity of different applications from different manufacturers to get the functionality you need. Whenever you need support, we are ready to provide exceptional customer service.

Desktop Alerts and Messaging

Need to quickly notify some or all of your users from your computer or phone? Notify is the simple, low-cost one-way messaging and alerting tool that enables an administrator to communicate instantly with desktop users across any size or type of organization.

Device Asset Management

DNA provides a complete suite of tools for managing, tracking and supporting IT assets across the network and contains a wealth of features designed to make IT asset management and tracking easier.

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