Device Asset Management

Cost Effective

Costs can be significant with poorly managed IT assets. DNA contains a wealth of features designed to make School IT management easier, with less waste and duplication. Highlights include automatic discovery of devices; hardware and software inventory; change tracking and software license management.

DNA Key Features and Benefits

Easy to Use

DNA is easy to use and cost effective, with the ability to give you and accurate and up-to-date picture of your resources.

Manuals and Brochures

  DNA Educational Brochure
  DNA Corporate Brochure
  DNA Getting Started Guide
  DNA Mobile Console Getting Started Guide
The features that really attracted us are the phrase matching and USB controls, both of which are much improved over our previous system, and the price being half what we were paying!
- Matt Furneaux, Humphrey Davy School

Single Solution

Built for flexibility of a single solution for schools, DNA also includes energy monitoring, power management, USB endpoint security, printer monitoring, application and internet metering, a flexible alerting suite, explorer mode, system audit, user management, secure vault, and an easy-to-use software distribution module.

Single Solution

Monitor Online Activity

Also featured are eSafety and Safeguarding which are supported with keyword monitoring to alert schools of any online activity that may place a student at risk, internet monitoring of websites visited, webcam control and the option for students to report concerns directly to trusted staff. ACS also offers optional classroom management, service desk, and additional remote control tools.

Monitor Online Activity

Quick and Easy Installation

For education environments, DNA is designed first and foremost to be easy to install and use. Download a free 30-day trial for up to 50 devices and be operational within 30 minutes - without the need to use third-party services or send any of your data outside of your network.

Quick and Easy Installation

DNA Key Features

Ease of Installation

Complete Suite of IT Admin Software - DNA is designed to deliver a complete suite of IT admin features for schools and colleges, without the expensive associated hardware purchases, implementation, and initial training costs of alternative solutions.

Up and Running in 30 Minutes - A typical 50-user PC evaluation can be up and running within 30 minutes. An additional gateway component is included as standard for linking multiple schools or campuses. DNA will also link with a school's existing Active Directory if present (including single sign-on) and includes the ability to profile department access and administrative features by console user.

  • Browse, locate, connect to all systems across your LAN, WAN or over the internet.
  • Includes fully integrated remote deployment utility.
  • Support for 64bit processors.
  • Communicate seamlessly between systems that are all located behind different firewalls using the included NetSupport Internet Gateway component.
  • Ability to send a Wake on LAN Windows command to machines that are not turned on and quickly locate machines local to the Control.
  • Watch, Share, or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of a workstation irrespective of color resolution, network protocol or operating system.
  • Optimize the Remote Control color quality when managing systems over very slow connections.
  • Monitor the screens of all connected systems with real-time thumbnails. Mouse over a selected PC to zoom your view.
  • Scan multiple systems, cycle through one or multiple workstations displaying their screens on your Control console.
  • Show your screen, a selected monitor, or just a selected application to any number of connected computers for real-time instruction.
  • Annotate your screen with a range of drawing tools during a Remote Control session or Show session.
  • Full Text and Audio Chat and Messaging between two or multiple systems.
  • Full Audio Chat during Remote Control sessions.
  • Capture screenshots during a session for future reference.
  • Record screen activity to a video "replay file" for training or security.
  • To aid both training and the effectiveness of support, a Whiteboard feature is also provided from within a chat session.
  • Gather a full Hardware and Software inventory from the Client PC to aid in remote support.
  • Gather details of all hotfixes installed on the Client PC.
  • View and Control applications, processes, and services running on the Client.
  • Launch a local command prompt from the remote system on your PC.
  • Remotely Power On / Off, Log On/ Off or Reboot a Client PC.
  • Request Help - users can create help requests that can be directed to all or specific Control systems based on custom criteria.
  • Support for Intel vPro technology is also provided as standard.
  • Identify the approximate location of a remote device and automatically group by region.
  • Launch a PowerShell window to quickly and easily execute PowerShell commands at a selected Windows Client.
  • Support Android devices with Android Mobile Client App from Windows Control (v12.5 or above).
  • PIN Connect feature enables a technician to instantly locate a user anywhere across the enterprise, simply by both parties entering a matching PIN code, via a central PIN server module.
  • A full scripting and scheduling suite to automate tasks.
  • Auto-Group systems based on pre-defined criteria, including Operating System, Geolocation, Case Type and Client version.
  • Touch-enabled UI for use on Windows tablets, including portrait and landscape display modes.
  • Full data encryption options from 56bit DES to 256bit AES encryption.
  • User acknowledgements and encrypted passwords.
  • Security keys to make your copy of NetSupport Manager unique and incompatible with other copies.
  • Integrate directly with NT administration and authenticate connections directly.
  • Active Directory integration and AD templates provided for enterprise-wide policy management.
  • Profiled functionality allows different features to be disabled depending on which user is attempting to connect to a selected PC.
  • Full event and history logs, including integration with OS event logs.

Account Management - A range of features to locate and support staff and students including Account Management, User acceptance policies and much more. Anyone with a DNA agent installed on their machine can locate another logged-on user and send them a message

Profiles - Profiles can be set for different groups of devices or users, each with its specific component settings.

Activity Monitoring - A single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department, presented in a chronological view.

System Audit - A powerful audit component which tracks all selected console activity by staff.

Acceptable Use Policies - Provides automated display, enforcement and tracking of Acceptable Use Policies for staff and students.

GDPR Compliant - DNA contains a range tools to help schools meet their GDPR requirements at no extra cost.

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